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The Ark

'The Ark' is the only remaining city in the post-apocalyptic planet Earth in the future. It was built as a model of a sustainable city. The city, which floats on the flooded planet was built to hold 5,000 people such as scientists and thinkers employed in creating a solution to the disaster presented to them, however the 'flock' to the city, once the ice caps had melted, was greater than expected and the very thing it was created to dismiss; over-crowding, pollution and violence became realised.

Since the global warming apocalypse 'The Ark' has lost contact with the mainland and is thus left in complete isolation. Since the incident the renewable energy sources are proving less so as the shortage of energy threatens to disturb the peace of two factions; Security and Resistance.

The city holds a lot of history and if you look around hard enough you'll find the residents each have something to say and posters etc. will inform you of the history of 'The Ark'

[edit] Locations

So far Splash Damage have confirmed two location in 'The Ark'

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