Character Customization

The 10 aspects the player can control

A major facet of BRINK are the characters. Numerous times it has been said that there are a multitude of options regarding what your character can look like. As a player, you can customize your character based on at least ten aspects. With the vast choices in character customization, your character is "Not Just Another Hero".

[edit] Customizable Aspects

  • Body Type - Light, Medium, or Heavy. This causes the general size of the character to change. Heavy characters can carry more and withstand more fire but move at a much slower pace. Light body types are nimble and able to move around quickly but lack in strong firepower.
  • Archetype - This controls the general appearance of the face.
  • Hair - Many settings are available here to get this aspect down. Some examples shown are nothing (bald), The Stripes (three stripes of hair), Corn Rows (braids), and The Cropped (buzz cut).
  • Face Overlay - Bruises, band-aids, tattoos
  • Head Gear
  • Face Gear - Accessories for the face such as a helmet or glasses
  • Outer Top - Armor choices, including things like tires
  • Lower - Pants/shorts that are worn
  • Under Top - The clothes worn on the top. Things like t-shirts
  • Voice Pack - Controls the voice style. This setting will help the player to feel more in control or connected to their character.

[edit] Video of Customization

[edit] Screenshots

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