The Engineer Tools

Engineer is one of the four confirmed Classes for Brink. This class is used for offensive and defensive strategy. The player can set up a strong defense using the turrets and force enemies to go a specific way using the mines.

Primary objectives for the Engineer class include;

  • Repairing robot escorts if they take too much damage

Secondary objectives include;

  • Removing enemy shortcuts by repairing doorways etc.
  • Building machine gun nests, these nests cannot be constructed anywhere and are placed deconstructed at predetermined places on the map.
  • Defusing mines, spotted by the Operative class.
  • The Engineer class is the only class that can reverse an Operative's hacking module.
  • The Engineer can "buff" an allies weapon, increasing the damage.

[edit] Equipment/Upgrades

Based on the image, the Engineer class has at least the following:

  • A sentry/turret which can be upgraded from light to medium to heavy
  • Pyromines [1]
  • Repair tool, used when doing any of the Engineer's primary or secondary objectives, in the same way the Operative class uses the hacking module.

[edit] Other Classes

Although many upgrades and specializations may be made to differentiate between the base classes, characters build from four main classes.

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