The Medic Tools

Medic is one of the four confirmed Classes for Brink. The medic class is used as a support role in addition to taking part in the battle. The player can choose to fly around and keep their team members alive, give their guys buffs, or to just play Operative style but with Medic benefits.

Primary objectives for the Medic include;

  • Healing/Reviving AI human escorts

secondary objectives include;

  • Buffing allies health, increasing it by a small portion.
  • Reviving downed/incapacitated teamates.

[edit] Equipment/Upgrades

Based on the image, the Medic class has at least the following:

  • A revival syringe, given to downed comrades so that they can rejoin the fight, instead of waiting to respawn.
  • Self revival, one of the final Medic upgrades, allows a Medic to revive themselves, will have a large cooldown period.
  • A medical kit (heavy healing)
  • A healing grenade (purpose currently unclear) [1]

[edit] Other Classes

Although many upgrades and specializations may be made to differentiate between the base classes, characters build from four main classes.

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