The Operative Tools

Operative is one of the four confirmed Classes for Brink. This class seems to represent something like a typical Stealth/Spy/Recon class in that speed and breaking down enemy defenses are the priority.

Primary objectives/rewards for the operative class include;

  • Hacking enemy safes and computers

Secondary objectives/rewards for the Operative class include;

  • Hacking enemy turrets to aid your team in battle.
  • Interrogating the enemy, this involves targetting a downed enemy and results in more time being added to the primary objective, and possibly various other actions depending on the primary objective.
  • Stealing a player's clothes, disguising yourself as the enemy, taking on their appearance and gamertag. There is no way for the enemy to know you are disguised unless you act suspiciously or stand next to the player whose clothes you stole. You will break disguise if you perform any action apart from movement.
  • The ability to spot enemy mines, highlighting them for an Engineer to disarm.

[edit] Equipment/Upgrades

Based on the image, the Operative class has at least the following:

  • A hacking device that is used when hacking any primary or secondary objectives and with upgrades can allow you too take control of friendly turrets - in first person [1]
  • Three grenade types, Sticky Bombs, Caltrop grenades and EMP Grenades.
  • One of the final upgrades available for purchase is the Cortex Bomb which allows the Operative to set off an explosion when they are incapacitated, this will have a considerably large cooldown period.
  • The Firewall upgrade allows the Operative to upgrade command points, making them harder for enemies to take.

[edit] Other Classes

Although many upgrades and specializations may be made to differentiate between the base classes, characters build from four main classes.

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