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Resistance Logo

The Resistance are one of the two factions in 'The Ark'. When the ice caps first melted, boatloads of refugees sought after the Ark's secret location. Only those lucky few found it and were initially happy to take refuge in the cramped, temporary housing. The refugees were subject to water rationing and found work only in dangerous maintenance jobs. As conditions worsened the new 'guests' of the Ark began to question the status quo.

They asked many questions such as: Why are the refugees the only ones on rationed water supplies? Are the founders really trying their hardest to re-establish contact with the mainland? Why are they classed as second-rate citizens when they keep the Ark afloat?

The new 'guests' of the Ark want answers to those questions, they seek equal water supplies for all, they want to use the Ark's last resources to attempt to re-establish contact with the rest of the world. Due to guest unrest Security are starting to clamp down, resulting in the Ark being on the brink of a civil war.

[edit] Location

Based on the map on the official Brink website it appears that the Resistance will be based on the South side of the map.

[edit] Objectives

An example of typical Resistance objectives;

  • Defend refugees from Security forces.
  • Distribute resources to those in need.
  • Establish contact outside the Ark.

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