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Security Logo

The Security are one of the two factions in 'The Ark'. When 'The Ark' was first constructed as the self-sufficient haven it was intended, only a small security team was needed, in order to perform risk management and VIP protection duties. However, as the apocalypse began and 'The Ark' became more populated by refugees, a police force was needed.

Now, the Security work as a heavily armed Counter-Terrorist Unit composed of volunteers who believe that 'The Ark' must retain its peace and resources for it to survive. These volunteers also receive extra water rations, while the rest of the 'Guests' survive on minimal provisions.

The Resistance, through their provocations, have forced Security to clamp down on guest disturbances, which has resulted in 'The Ark' teetering on the edge of a complete revolt.

[edit] Location

Based on the map on the official Brink website it appears that the Security will be based on the North side of the map.

[edit] Objectives

An example of typical Security objectives;

  • Defeat Resistance terrorist plots.
  • Protect the Ark's remaining resources.
  • Preserve the Founder's vision.

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