The Soldier Tools

Soldier is one of the four confirmed Classes for Brink. Soldiers can help to boost their team members by providing them with ammunition or by stepping forward with heavy firearms. The Soldier can also expand on grenade types and go for larger weapons with wider Areas of Effect to damage the other team.

Primary objectives include;

  • Destroying large gates/doors to allow your team to move up.

Secondary objectives include;

  • Giving allies extra ammuntition.
  • Creating shortcuts by destroying walls/doors to allow your team to flank the enemy.
Example of a Soldier

[edit] Equipment/Upgrades

Based on the image, the Soldier class has at least the following:

  • Hand grenades
  • Satchel charges, can plant up to three at a time on any flat surface.
  • Heavy explosives used when destroying secondary or primary objectives.
  • The Scavenge upgrade allows the Soldier to restock ammo and supplies by interacting with dead enemies.

[edit] Other Classes

Although many upgrades and specializations may be made to differentiate between the base classes, characters build from four main classes.

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