Based on a Game Informer interview with the creative director of BRINK, Richard Ham, the game will ship with 24 weapons. Each of these weapons is said to be created to have a "unique feel and use in combat". That simply means the default guns will offer different benefits, based on the different body types of the player:


[edit] Sidearms

There will be five sidearms weapons.

[edit] Light Weapons

Meant for 'light' characters, they can hold a light weapon as their primary and a sidearm for their secondary weapon. It is suspected that these weapons will be light on damage but offer faster fire and reload rates.

[edit] Assault Weapons

These weapons are meant for the normal character build, not light or heavy, and marks a balance between speed and damage benefits. With an assault weapon as their primary weapon, normal characters can hold up to a light weapons as their secondary weapons.

[edit] Heavy Weapons

The heavy weapons are for heavy characters and offer higher damage ratios with a lower fire rate. Heavy characters can hold up to an assault weapon for their secondary weapons.

[edit] Attachments

Although very few details have been provided at this point, the game will ship with numerous attachments for the weapons. According to Richard Ham, these will be typical attachments such as sights and larger magazines but they will also try to include some surprises.

[edit] The Interview

"About how many weapons does Brink contain? Do they offer any customization as well?

We’re planning for Brink to ship with 24 different weapons, spread across four different categories. We’re making sure that each of these has a really unique feel and use in combat, so it’s not just going to be a bunch of gun clones with slight stat differences.

We’ll have five sidearms, six light weapons, six assault-sized weapons and five heavy weapons in Brink. The different classes directly relate to the three different body types a player can choose from. So, a “light” player can have a light weapon as his primary, and a side arm as his secondary. A “normal” player can have an assault weapon as his primary and up to a light weapon as his secondary. And a “heavy” player can have a heavy weapon as his primary and up to an assault weapon as his secondary (so he can really bring the pain!).

In addition to the weapons, there’s a wide variety of attachments we’re going to ship with as well. We don’t have a final number for these at this point, but it’s going to be a combination of classic stuff players have come to expect (red dot sights, extended magazines) and a few surprises.

The wide range of guns, plus attachments, plus body sizes, makes for some really interesting combinations -- both on a given player, and spread across a whole team. "


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